Elizabeth Warren’s blockbuster debate performance this week successfully exposed Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) as a shill for Wall Street and as someone who perpetually sides with Republican extremists like Grover Norquist — who once said he wouldn’t even be open to raising taxes during a war or huge natural disaster.

A new poll out by Public Policy Polling shows that Brown’s approval rating is plummeting while more and more voters are viewing him as a typical partisan Republican rather than an independent voice:

Warren leads Scott Brown 50-44. The big change over the last month is that Brown’s image is finally starting to take a hit. His approval rating is now a +7 spread at 49/42, down a net 14 points from mid-September when he was at 55/34. There’s an increasing sense that he’s been more a partisan voice for the national Republican Party (45%) than an independent voice for Massachusetts (44%). That’s a 10 point shift from our last poll when voters thought 49/40 that he’d been more of an independent voice.

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