Stand with the 99%

Stand with the 99%

Support economic policy that works for all Americans

As people take to the streets to protest rising inequality, our members are standing with the 99% for an economy that works for everyone, not just the richest 1%. Over 80,000 people have pledged to move their money and pressured Congress to make it easier. We delivered over 54,000 thank you notes to Occupy Wall Street. And seven bold Congressional candidates from across the country delivered over 35,000 petition signatures to Republican Speaker John Boehner in front of the media. We’ll continue to keep up the pressure on big banks and Congress.

Actions for the 99%:

  • PLEDGE — Over 80,000 members have pledged to move their money out of big banks and into local credit unions, and have pressured Congress to pass Rep. Brad Miller’s bill that would make it easier to do so.
  • CALLS — Thousands of members called or thanked their Representatives in support of Rep. Miller’s move your money bill.
  • PETITION — Over 35,000 petition signatures were delivered to Republican Speaker John Boehner in front of the media to hold him accountable for standing with the richest 1% instead of the 99%.
  • NEWS — CNN: “52,000 PCCC members sign up for ‘Move Your Money’.”
  • NEWS — POLITICO: PCCC and Candidates Deliver Petitions to Boehner’s Office
  • VIDEOS — Watch deliveries of thank you notes to Wall Street and petitions to John Boehner:


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