Bush Tax Cuts

Bush Tax Cuts

Protect working families, not millionaires

When President Obama considered extending George W. Bush’s policy of borrowing billions to fund tax cuts for the richest 2%, over 170,000 of our members signed a petition calling on Obama to end them. We also put pressure on Republicans in Congress to hold them accountable and stop defending millionaires and billionaires. Through ads, signatures and calls, our members demonstrated real power to mobilize and fight hard.

Actions against the Bush tax cuts:

  • PETITION — Over 170,000 members signed the petition calling on President Obama to let the Bush tax cuts expire.
  • CALLS — Our members made thousands of calls to pressure Congress to vote against extending the cuts.
  • ADS — We launched online ads holding Republicans accountable for siding with millionaires and billionaires, and our members chipped in over $125,000 to air  TV ads calling on President Obama to keep his promise to end the Bush tax cuts:


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