Supporters are often a campaignai??i??s greatest asset — they amplify your message and generate enthusiasm for your race within their community and networks. Donai??i??t leave that energy untapped! Here are three ways to give your supporters a stake in your campaign that will take it to the next level.

1. Hold a strategy discussion.
Invite supporters to join a potluck discussion. Explain how many votes you need to win or where you need greater name recognition. Invite them to brainstorm ways to build on your campaignai??i??s successes and overcome challenges. At the end of the discussion, ask them to sign-up to work on one of the areas you identified together (fundraising, volunteering, hosting events, etc.).

2. Ask them to take a formal role.
There are lots of specific titles and responsibilities that you can give your supporters. You can ask someone to act as ai???Office Manager,ai??? and keep your campaign space efficient and organized. You could ask other supporters to act as the ai???Correspondence Team,ai??? writing thank you notes to donors and volunteers. If supporters have a title and responsibility, they will feel like a bigger part of the campaign.

3. Be honest about your obstacles.
Some candidates think that supporters just want to hear the good news — that everything is going great. But honesty goes a long way with supporters, especially when you are facing challenges. They will love helping you overcome the hurdles of running for office, whether itai??i??s a tough opponent, a nasty rumor, or a hard fundraising quarter. You donai??i??t have to take on the burden of your campaign alone — and your supporters will feel as though they made a real difference at a critical moment.