State Representative Noel Frame is a long-standing supporter of children, education, and mental health awareness. As a progressive organizer, communications specialist, and public speaker, she has been an outspoken advocate for improved facilities and conditions for Washington students. A former foster parent, she has been a vocal supporter of increased awareness of mental health issues and the need for increased funding for our stateai??i??s social safety net.

For five years Noel was the Director of Progressive Majority Washington, where her organizing and presentation skills were put to good use as she partnered with groups representing communities of color, youth, women, and the LGBTQ community to increase the number of people from those communities running for office. She recruited, trained, and advised candidates for political office, from local government all the way to the state legislature.

Why do you spend so much time helping other progressives get elected? Why is that important to you?
My ability to advance a progressive agenda depends a lot on how many other progressives serve with me! So I work to elect fellow progressives to the legislature to ensure we’re in the majority and that we have progressive voices in leadership. I also work to elect progressives to municipal offices so progressives legislation is being enacted locally. Plus, local office holders are often our strongest candidates for higher offices, so I’m working to build the bench.

What is one important lesson youai??i??ve learned from your years of electoral work?
Authenticity matters. The 2016 campaign proved that point, even if we didn’t like the outcome. Voters are tired of what they perceive as dishonest politicians. We need more authentic public servants running to affect change in a positive way for their constituents.

What are you working on right now in the state legislature?
We are in our second special session, negotiating a state budget that aims to solve a constitutional crisis over education funding. As the Vice Chair of our House Finance committee, I helped craft the revenue package to fund schools. I continue to voice my support internally for the most progressive funding package possible, and I’m also working with outside advocates to organize in favor of new, progressive revenue sources to meet this mandate from our state supreme court.

Resistance is everywhere! How are you fighting Donald Trump from inside the state house?
One of the first bills we passed this session was creating a hotline for undocumented immigrants and others feeling threatened in the midst of the Trump Administration. This hotline refer callers and users to sources of information and assistance for victims of hate crimes or harassment due to their actual or perceived immigration, national origin, or citizenship related status. Plus it ensures that callers remain anonymous.

Youai??i??ve attended the National Candidate Training before. What is your favorite part of the weekend?
I love watching all the connections that are made among candidates. Folks come from all over the country and are running for a wide range of offices, but they quickly realize their core values and mission unify them. I have no doubt lifelong friendships have been formed out of the National Candidate Training weekend!

Finally, you are famous for your Bingo Karaoke fundraising events! Can you tell us more about those?
A senior center in my neighborhood does a bingo & karaoke fundraiser nearly every month of the year. I love their event so much I asked the board of directors for permission to borrow the concept for a campaign fundraiser. We held our inaugural event last fall and it sold out weeks ahead of time! More than 200 people gathered to play bingo and sing karaoke in between. I was really proud to have a number of people post on social media that it was the best political event they had ever attended!