On Fox & Friends this morning, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee Co-Founder Adam Green challenged Hillary Clinton to promise before New Hampshire never to cut Social Security. In a PPP poll conducted over the weekend in Iowa, 84% of Democrats across all age groups planning to caucus said this commitment was ai???very importantai??? to their voting.

Statement from Adam Green, Co-Founder of PCCC:

ai???We challenge Hillary Clinton to promise before the New Hampshire Primary that she will never cut Social Security.

ai???Bernie Sanders defied expectations and surged to a tie in Iowa by successfully riding a rising the economic populist tide that we see all across America. In recent months, Hillary Clinton has held herself out to voters as someone who would fight for economic populist goals, including on issues like debt-free college and Wall Street reform. But she is leaving open a huge vulnerability by not addressing Social Security cuts.

ai???Forcing seniors to live in poverty, to choose between food and rent, is unacceptable. We challenge Hillary Clinton to take the first step and take cuts off the table, because committing to never cut Social Security benefits is an absolute prerequisite for a Democratic nominee. Hillary Clinton should make this commitment before New Hampshire. Then, the Democratic Party can forge ahead to a national discussion about how to expand benefits to meet the needs of our grandparents and veterans.ai???

2016-02-02_social security challenge_fox and friends_adam green

From Adam Greenai??i??s challenge to Hillary Clinton on Fox & Friends:ai???She has not said that she will not cut Social Security benefits. I would challenge [Hillary Clinton] before New Hampshire to make very clear to Democratic voters that she will never cut Social Security.ai???

See full PPP polling results from Iowa showing voting decisions were driven by economic populist concerns, including Social Security:Ai??http://2016polling.com/

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