A monthly newsletter to influential supporters is a great way to show momentum and keep folks invested in your campaign. Here are some things you may consider including:

Exciting new endorsements. Letai??i??s say youai??i??ve just been endorsed by a state senator, a local teachers’ union, and an environmental club. Highlight those endorsements, and describe what their resources will mean to your campaign.

Any big new hires. If youai??i??ve just brought on board an experienced campaign manager or finance director, share the good news! Your supporters will be happy to hear that your team is growing.

Positive news stories. If youai??i??ve received any kind of positive news attention ai??i?? even a published op-ed in the local paper, or a pundit who says your race is a ai???race to watchai??? ai??i?? make sure to send the links out. These help demonstrate that your campaign is serious and credible.

Fundraising. Raising money is important so you can fund the things you need for your campaign. But itai??i??s also a great way to demonstrate that you are working hardai??i??and have lots of support. Let your supporters know how much youai??i??ve raisedai??i??or how many grassroots donors you now have.

Doors knocked. If you have lots of volunteers knocking doors and making phone calls, be sure to share the results! You should also let supporters know about upcoming events like office openings or pizza parties.

Donai??i??t forgetai??i?? Always make sure to send along links to your website, your Facebook and Twitter pages, and your fundraising pages. Make it as easy as possible for supporters to stay in the loop.

Who should receive this newsletter? Reporters, elected officials, organizational leaders, and other people who will be important to your campaign ai??i?? and who will enjoy receiving an insider view of your progress.

You can use the Email tool in PIES, our campaign software, to manage a mailing list of influential supporters.

Don’t have a PIES account yet, or not sure how to access it? Bringing PIES to your campaign begins by completing ourAi??candidate questionnaires hereAi??– or just email us atAi??help@campaignpies.comAi??with any questions.