At 12:15pmAi??ET today, after a weeks-long draft campaign by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and the Working Families Party, Zephyr Teachout announced she is running for Congress in NYai??i??s 19th Congressional District.

Statement from PCCC Co-Founder Stephanie Taylor:

“Zephyr Teachout is the right person to win this district for Democrats. She’s a political outsider with a long history of fighting for working families against powerful interests. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is all in, mobilizing local volunteers and a national grassroots army for Zephyr.”

The PCCC plans to formally endorse Zephyr Teachout, and rally enthusiasm, in an email to their nearly one million members tomorrow morning.

More on PCCC:

  • PCCC has nearly 1 million members nationwide, all pushing to elect progressive candidates and build a bolder progressive movement;

  • PCCC members raised more than $2 million for candidates in the 2014 cycle, and made more than 4 million phone calls;

  • PCCC ran a three week draft campaign urging Zephyr to run leading up to today, where hundreds of members donated and signed up to volunteer for Zephyr.

  • 2,807 PCCC members donated $44,375 to Zephyrai??i??s campaign for NY Governor.

More on Zephyr Teachout:

  • Zephyr has been a decades-long anti-corruption advocate, fighting on behalf of working people against corporate interests.

  • Zephyr was born and raised in a rural community just a few hours from her home in Dover Plains, NY in Dutchess County.

  • In Zephyrai??i??s run for Governor, she shocked political insiders when she won 34% of the vote, including majorities in counties across NY-19.

  • Zephyr teaches at Fordham Law School.

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