Including:Ai??Senator Harry Reid, Rep. Barbara Lee, Rep. Donna Edwards,Ai??Colorado Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, David Wellstone, Van Jones, Heather McGhee, Dean Baker

Former U.S. Senators Tom Harkin and Ted Kaufman, Former House Majority Whip David Bonior, Former Iowa Democratic Chair Roxanne Conlin

Plus Nearly 200 Current and Former State Legislators, 24 Current and Former Members of Congress, Hundreds of Local Union Leaders

See Statement and 5,000 Signers, Sortable by State atAi??

Today, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) is announcing over 5,000 Democratic leaders across the country have signed on to the joint statement urging Hillary Clinton and all other potential Democratic presidential candidates to run on ai???big, bold, economic-populist ideasai??? such as debt-free college, expanding Social Security benefits, Wall Street reform, campaign finance reform, higher wages, and millions of clean-energy jobs.

Todayai??i??s announcement comes exactly two weeks after theAi??New York TimesAi??and others reported that 200 Iowa and New Hampshire political leaders launched with the PCCC, including former U.S. Senator Tom Harkin.

PollingAi??from the Progressive Change Institute shows that ideas in todayai??i??s statement are popular with voters of all political stripes.

In addition to building national momentum for the joint statement, the PCCCai??i??sAi??Ready For BoldnessAi??campaign is recruiting volunteers in early primary states to attend campaign events and ask candidates whether they support economic-populist ideas.


“Being bold is the only way I’ve ever known how to win.”Ai??— U.S. Senator Harry Reid, D-NV, Senate Democratic Leader

ai??? is a big tent with 5,000 political leaders who support Hillary Clinton, other potential candidates, or nobody — all saying together that the best way for Democrats to win in 2016 is by campaigning on big, bold, economic-populist ideas that are popular with— Adam Green, Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founder

“The American people deserve a bold economic agenda that ensures the American dream is open to all, not just a select few. Ai??Elections and ballot measures across this country have shown that increasing the minimum wage, ensuring equal pay for equal work and opening educational opportunity for all are winning issues that will drive Democratic victories in 2016 and beyond.”— U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee (CA-13)

“Since coming to Congress, I’ve been a fighter for bold ideas like expanding Social Security, making historic investments in historically black colleges, and introducing the first constitutional amendment to overturn the disastrousAi??Citizens UnitedAi??decision. I will fight for these ideas in the United States Senate, and am proud to be part of a coalition willing to go bold with proposals that will work for Marylanders and Americans across the country.”Ai??Ai??– U.S. Rep. Donna Edwards (MD-4)

“Bold progressive ideas will win in 2016 because too many American families sit around the kitchen table late into the night trying to make ends meet. Each time they go to the grocery store they swipe their card hoping the transaction will go through. When they open their paycheck at the end of the month, they wonder if it will be enough to pay for basic necessities. Debt-free college, a financial transactions tax and investments to create good-paying jobs are exactly the ideas working Americans want to hear in 2016.”Ai??— U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (MN-5)

“As we prepare for 2016, let’s make it known that America needs a President who is progressive-minded and willing to fight for regular, everyday Americans ai??i?? for it is bold leaders who move our nation toward being a more perfect union.”Ai??— U.S. Rep. Mark Takano (CA-41)

“Our Democratic nominee will have the best chance to win New Hampshire and other swing states in the general election if they campaign on a bold economic agenda that impacts kitchen table issues — like jobs, wages, college affordability, and retirement security. That’s why I signed this important letter. Bold progressive economic policies are not only popular and necessary, but affordable — especially with reforms like closing tax loopholes for the wealthiest individuals and corporations, making millionaires and billionaires pay the same rate into Social Security as the rest of us, and finally allowing the federal government to negotiate with big drug companies.” Ai??— Former U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-1)

“Progressive leaders understand that Democrats need a clear economic agenda and message which they haven’t had since the 1990’s. Populist economic proposals with broad voter appeal like debt-free college, expanding social security and clean-energy jobs can lead the Democratic Presidential nominee and Democrats up and down the ticket to victory in 2016.”Ai??— Former U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes (NH-2), Economic Innovation Institute President

“Everyone in the country knows the economy is top heavy. The foremost issue in the 2016 Presidential race is how the next president will rectify that.” — Former U.S. Rep. Dave Nagle (IA-3)

“I want the candidates to talk about income inequality, to talk about the vast wage differences in America. It’s not working for families. The Wall Street banks have had it too good.” — Michael Fitzgerald, Iowa State Treasurer

“To win swing states like Colorado, our Democratic presidential candidate will need to campaign on big, bold, economic populist ideas that tangibly improve the lives of millions of Americans. Expanding Social Security benefits for our seniors, giving aid to states so students can attend our public colleges and universities debt free, and investing in clean-energy jobs are the types of big ideas that will motivate people to vote — and that will help Democrats all the way down the ballot. Coloradans are ready for boldness.”Ai??— Colorado Speaker of the House Dickey Lee Hullinghorst

“Economic populism is alive and well in Iowa and across the heartland. The issues in this joint statement are so important to America, and bold populist ideas should be the center of our Democratic agenda in 2016.”Ai??— Roxanne Conlin, Former Iowa Democratic Party Chair

“With income inequality growing by the day all throughout America, it’s absolutely critical that economic justice issues are at the forefront of the debate this upcoming Presidential election. Even in California, where we have a progressive $9 an hour and soon-to-be $10 an hour minimum wage, the reality is that even this is not enough for an average hard working family to make ends meet. We must do more to reduce poverty and income inequality and grow America’s middle class. We deserve a Presidential debate that shines light on these ideas, which is precisely why I am proud to support the PCCC’s efforts to make big, bold and populist policies front and center for the 2016 election.”Ai??— CA State Sen. Isadore Hall, California Legislative Black Caucus Vice Chair

“Presidential campaigns are about big and bold ideas. More than ever, Americans are in desperate need of a presidential candidate not afraid to take on the big challenges – like income inequality, student debt, and retirement security – of making our economy work for everyone.Ai?? That’s why I’m calling on the presidential candidates to campaign on bold, proven progressive ideas that will make our economy stronger.”Ai??— VA State Del. Patrick Hope, Virginia Progressive Caucus Co-Chair

“All candidates should be questioned on where they stand on issues of income inequality. Any candidate that does not support big progressive ideas like expanding Social Security, making college affordable, and holding Wall Street accountable would not have my support.” — NH State Rep. Marcia Moody, Rockingham 17

ai???SEIU Iowa believes that anyone who is running for President of the United States needs to be ready to answer tough questions like: Whatai??i??s your plan to create full time jobs that pay a living wage and offer benefits? Whatai??i??s your plan to ensure families have access to quality affordable childcare? Whatai??i??s your plan to rebuild a strong middle class that is the only thing that fuels our economy? If we donai??i??t demand a bold progressive agenda, then who will? SEIU Iowa is proud to sign onto this letter and looks forward to pressing candidates on what they view as a bold progressive agenda that will move our country — Cathy Glasson, SEIU Local 199 President

See Statement and 5,000 Signers, Sortable by State atAi??