Today, New York City’s school bus workers announced that they will go on strike on Wednesday morning.

Here’s everything you need to know about why they are taking this dramatic labor action:

    • The Department of Education Is Bidding Out Contracts That Undermine Job Security:Ai??The Department of Education, is for the “first time in 33 years is trying to bid out new contracts for 1,100 bus routes for children with special needs.” That means a contract without anAi??Employee Protection Provision that ensures that current senior drivers have job security.Ai??TheAi??Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181Ai??is demanding that there are protections put in place to protect the 7,700 existing school bus workers.
    • Bidding Out Drivers May Endanger Service And Safety: The union is arguing that the existing school bus workforce is the most senior and the most experienced. By bringing in private transit drivers, the city may cut costs but will be dealing with a work force with less knowledge of the area and less experience.

ai???There is only one party responsible for the possible job action by unionized bus drivers represented by the Amalgamated Transit Union: Mayor Bloomberg and his administration. For weeks now, City Hall has refused to discuss the job-killing provisions they are insisting on as part of new contracts with bus contractors. Itai??i??s almost as if City Hall wants this strike to happen for some perverse reason,ai??? said Teamsters Local 854 President Dan Gatto in a statement he released in solidarity with the strikers.

If you are a New York City resident and want to support the bus drivers, text “Safety1st” to 877877