The NRA has specialized in hiring up former Democratic staffers to block gun control.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) claims to represent gun owners, but it primarily represents the extreme views of gun companies that fund it. Thanks to their dollars, it has been able to stop both Republicans and Democrats in the past from even debating common sense gun control measures, like closing the gun show loophole.

In 2012, the NRA actually went outside of its ownAi??sizableAi??lobbying operation (it employed 15 registered lobbyists in-house) to hire up some outside lobbying groups to lobby on everything from Department of Justice tracking of guns to tax issues.

One way it has managed to be so influential is by hiring up former key staffers to top Senate Democrats. One of these it hired was Patrick Robertson, former Deputy Chief of Staff to Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV). Robertson works for the lobbying firm C2 group, where he works for a number of other clients including the fast food industry.

Despite his connection to Rockefeller, the Senator has oftenAi??stood up to the NRA, earning him an “D” rating from the group.

But the NRA also employed Jeff Forbes ofAi??Cauthen, Forbes & Williams, which recently became Forbes-Tate. Forbes is a former Chief of Staff to Senator Max Baucus (D-MT). who also worked for President Clinton and served as anAi??adviserAi??to the Obama campaign. Baucus has been a strong ally of the NRA, and received an “A” rating from the group. He even cut a video for a 2009 NRA national forum:

Following the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, fellow Montana Senator Jon Tester (D) suggested that laws relating to assault weapons should be looked at. But Baucus’s response was much more muted, saying instead that “This and other recent tragedies have raised serious questions about the culture of violence in our society ai??i?? questions that deserve careful reflection on everything from access to mental health care to the video games our children play.”

It appears that Forbes’s connection is netting dividends for the NRA.