Linda McMahon

Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon — the wife of World Wrestling Entertainment’s Vince McMahon — has tried over and over to simply buy Connecticut’s Senate seat.

In 2010, she reportedly spent $50 million of her own money trying to win the state’s open Senate seat. In the primary this year, she defeated Chris Shays — one of the national Republican Party’s last supporters of campaign finance reform — by outspending him twelve-to-one.

Now, recently released campaign finance records show that she is outspending her bold progressive opponent, Chris Murphy, five-to-one. She’s reportedly spending $28 million of her own money for the campaign, which means she’s spending around three times all the money that Murphy has accumulated for his campaign altogether.

McMahon is trying once again to do what she failed to do previously — buy a seat in the U.S. Senate.

We don’t have tens of millions of dollars of personal wealth to spend on the race, but we do have all of you. Help us stop McMahon by clicking here to sign up to make calls for bold progressive Chris Murphy.