Josh Mandel

Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock made headlines when he offensively said that pregnancies that result from rape are a “gift from God.” Many in his party immediately moved to condemn him, including Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

But Ohio Senate Republican candidate Josh Mandel is refusing to take the same step. Asked by an Ohio reporter about Mourdock’s comments, Mandel simply would not condemn the offensive remarks.

REPORTER: He said that even when life begins in a horrible situation of rape that is something that God intended, is that something that you’d denounce?

MANDEL: I think I’d want to see his comments. Is there a video of it?
REPORTER: It was in a debate last night.

MANDEL: I think I’d want to see the debate or the video before I comment on that.

REPORTER: It’s true that you do not have an exception when it comes to abortion. You’re pro-life in all cases, even —

MANDEL: I think it’s important to protect the life of hte mother, and I’m proud to be pro-life.

REPORTER: Even in the possibility of rape?

MANDEL: That’s true.

Watch it:

Ohio deserves a Senator who condemns such offensive remarks. Click here to sign up to make calls for Mandel’s opponent, bold progressive Sen. Sherrod Brown (D).