One of many satirical renditions of the pepper spraying incident. (Photo credit: Flickr user maryatexitzero)

One of the most infamous moments from the Occupy protests occurred when a campus police officer at UC Davis pepper sprayed a group of students who were refusing to leave the sidewalk. The incident was captured on YouTube and soon became a source of global outrage. Watch it:

Today it was announced that the students involved won a $1 million settlement from the University of California system:

The University of CaliforniaAi??has agreedAi??to make payments of tens of thousands of dollars each to the two dozen studentsAi??hit with pepper sprayAi??at UC Davis last November, and to provide the students with individual written apologies from Davis chancellor Linda Katehi.

The settlement, filed in federal court this morning, provides for $30,000 payments to each of 21 named defendants, and a pool of $100,000 to be divided among other students who may come forward. Attorneys for the students will receive $250,000, and the ACLU will be given $20,000 to conduct a review of university policies on demonstrations.

The settlement should serve as a warning to other police departments and government officials who would be tempted to use abusive and heavy-handed force to disperse protests.