Deal signing cuts to HOPE last year.

Last year, the Republican Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal — aided and abetted by his party in the state legislature and a faction of appeasing Democrats –Ai??enacted huge cuts to the HelpingAi??OutstandingAi??Pupils Educationally (HOPE) scholarship. These cuts ended HOPE’s status as a full tuition program for most students; the worst brunt of the cuts fell on minority students.

This weekend, Deal attended a football game at the University of Georgia. As he sat in an elite skybox surrounded by 100,000 football fans, many of them students, a plane flew overhead carrying a banner that read: “GovernorAi??DealAi??broke HOPE, txt fixit to 30644.” Watch local news station 11 Alive’s report about the flyover:

The group that paid for the banner to be flown over was Better Georgia, a progressive advocacy organization based in the state. Rather than address the concerns of students whose debt is exploding thanks to Deal and the legislature, the governor’s spokesman chose a very immature response:

This is paid for by a leftist organization that believes there’s no end to other people’sAi??money,” Brian Robinson said of the banner.

Deal sure knows a lot about other people’s money — specifically, giving more of it to the rich at the expense of the rest of us. Last year, he proposed a tax plan that would’ve granted tax cuts for the richest Georgians while actually increasing taxes on working-class Georgians. Thankfully, his plan was defeated. Hopefully the good people of Georgia will force him to renege on his unfair cuts to HOPE as well.