Rep. Bill Young (R-FL)

In July, Rep. Bill Young (R-FL) had a very rude reply to a constituent who asked him about raising the minimum wage. “Get a job,” Young told him.

Now, facing the fallout from these remarks, Young is simply just skipping meetings with constituents. There was a candidates forum held recently that actually took place in the very same building that his district office is in, yet he failed to show up. The Florida Consumer Action Network (FCAN) interviewed some of Young’s constituents about his no-show status. Here’s one constituent:

TERRIE WEEKS, CONSTITUENT: We’ve tried to get meetings with Bill Young for years and years. Friends of mine, other citizens have wanted to meet with Representative Young to discuss other issues that are of concern to them. It’s impossible to do.

Watch FCAN’s video:


Before insulting other people about their jobs, Young should try doing his by showing up and meeting with constituents.