Christopher Fallon

RepublicanAi??MassachusettsAi??Senator Scott Brown is in a tough race against progressive champion Elizabeth Warren. On Friday, Brown rolled out an endorsement by state representative Chris Fallon. “We know where your heart is, and your heart is with the people of Massachusetts – particularly, the people of Malden,” said the state rep. of Brown.

But Fallon and Brown’s hearts have been in very different places, when it comes to an issue the people of the state should be very concerned about: union rights.

Last year, there was a rollback of labor rights in the state, as some municipal employees faced cutbacks in their right to collectively bargain over health care. Although the majority of Democrats and Republicans in the state house voted to support this rollback of rights, Fallon was one of a minority of Democrats who opposed the changes and proudly stood with organized labor.

Meanwhile, Scott Brown has proved antagonistic to labor unions. He backed Scott Walker’s budget that decimated public employee collective bargaining in Wisconsin, calling it the “will of the people.” At the height of the battle over bargaining rights in the state, he appeared on MSNBC and actually praised Scott Walker. Watch it:

Brown started his anti-union record very early after being elected. He even demanded to be seating as soon as possible to stop the nomination of pro-union Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board.

With the endorsement of Brown, Fallon is turning his back on an important constituency that he stood with in the past. It’s important forAi??MassachusettsAi??voters to not let Fallon’s endorsement whitewash Brown’s record (and it’s important for Fallon’s district to remember this next time he’s up for re-election).

(For the record, Brown actually lost much more high-profile support over his anti-union positions — Boxer Micky Ward cancelled his endorsement late last month after finding out about Brown’s record.)