Elizabeth Warren championed national consumer protection and financial reform, and continues to stand up to corporations and lobbyists attacking the middle class. Although she helped create the Consumer Protection Agency, Republicans backed by Wall Street blockaded her nomination. Our members succeeded in securing Warren’s appointment as interim director of the Consumer Protection Agency, and her work has strengthened the agency and made it a valuable resource for the middle class.

Actions for Warren:

  • PETITION — Over 350,000 members signed our letter urging President Obama to give a recess appointment to Elizabeth Warren.
  • ADS — We launched WeSupportWarren.org and a major online ad campaign in support of her nomination.
  • CONGRATULATIONS — Over 30,000 of our members congratulated Elizabeth Warren for becoming interim head of the Consumer Protection Agency.
  • NEWSHuffington Post:Ai??”Since the president appointed Elizabeth Warren to set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau she has proven she can stand up to Wall Street,” Franken wrote in a letter that will be circulated by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee on Wednesday. “Now, it’s time for a permanent leader to be appointed and, because Republican senators have vowed to block anyone, it’s up to President Obama to use his power constitutional power to bypass Republicans and make a recess appointment.”
  • VIDEO — Senator Al Franken thanks PCCC members for their support for Warren